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About us



We're a young and dynamic company dedicated to source the best products (ingredients, fresh produce) from Latin America. With offices in Mexico, US and Ireland we supply European and North American Markets.  


Sustainable Food & Business

By working directly with small producers, indigenous groups and cooperatives we are able to provide a wide array of organic, gourmet and fair trade products. It's our priority to make sure you get the best product and our suppliers get paid fairly.

We believe it is possible to do business in an ethical and sustainable way. 


Strategic Partner

Our Strategic position (Mexico, US & Ireland) enhance our 

distribution operations, so we are able to provide our 

customers almost any product practically all year long.

Lean supply chain allows to deliver on time while reducing 

metrics on costs and carbon footprint.

Let's work together!



Feel free to ask, we're here to help.

Or even better.... we'll call you ! Just let us know when suits you better.

If you are planning to visit LatinAmerica, we'd love to give you a tour so you can visit our facilities and meet our suppliers in the fields. 


9000 San Mateo Drive, Laredo, Texas 78045, United States

Av. Manuel Gomez Morin 955, Montebello, Zona Santa Barbara, 66279 Monterrey, México

Opening hours

Monday - Fridays: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: with appointments

Sunday: Closed